Department Chair

Simon Cordery Department Chair [HIST]

Director of Graduate Education

Kathleen Hilliard Director of Graduate Education


Tunde Adeleke Professor [HIST]
James T. Andrews University Professor [HIST]
Michael D. Bailey Professor [HIST]
Brian D. Behnken Associate Professor, History and Latino/a Studies; Affiliate Faculty, African and African American Studies
Jeremy Best Assistant Professor [HIST]
Amy Bix Professor [HIST]
Jeff Bremer Associate Professor and Co-Coordinator, Social Studies Education Program
Stacy Cordery Professor [LAS]
Julie Courtwright Associate Professor [HIST]
Paul Griffiths Professor [HIST]
Bonar Hernández Associate Professor [HIST]
Kevin D. Hill Senior Lecturer
David Hollander Professor [HIST]
Michael Christopher Low Assistant Professor [HIST]
Lawrence McDonnell Assistant Professor [HIST]
John Warne Monroe Professor [HIST]
Pamela Riney-Kehrberg Distinguished Professor [HIST]
Amy Rutenberg Associate Professor and Coordinator, Social Studies Education Program
Wendie Ellen Schneider Adjunct Associate Professor [HIST]
Tao Wang Assistant Professor [HIST]
Timothy S. Wolters Associate Professor [HIST]

Staff and academic advising

Kevin D. Hill Senior Lecturer

Non-departmental historians

Joshua L. Rosenbloom Department of Economics, Professor and Chair