Timothy S. Wolters


Office:619 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA


My research focuses on the global history of technology, military and naval history, and U.S. business history. My work has appeared in the leading journals in all three fields: Technology and Culture, Journal of Military History, and Enterprise and Society. Johns Hopkins University Press published my first book in 2013, Information at Sea: Shipboard Command and Control in the U.S. Navy, from Mobile Bay to Okinawa. Current major projects include an article on RAND analyst Harvey A. DeWeerd and the professionalization of military history, and another on the benefits and pitfalls of digital history as examined through a case study of historical analyses of world’s earliest nautical charts. I am also working on a book that examines the first radio navigation system in the United States, situating it within the broader contexts of marine navigation and technological failure.