Helpful ISU Undergraduate Courses

As an undergraduate, you will want to balance depth in a field, era, or topic in which you are particularly interested with a broader knowledge base. Consider taking courses that will give you an introduction to parts of the public history jobs you might want. For example, work in a museum includes finances, grant writing, and speech-giving, as well as an understanding of material culture, mounting exhibitions, and various periods in history. All History and Art History courses will help because they will all provide the historical context necessary for the work of public historians. Those listed here specifically consider material culture.
Note: Not all courses listed here are offered every semester.


HIST 284: Wonders of the World, Global History of Innovation

HIST 304: Cultural Heritage of the Ancient World

HIST 307: American Popular Culture

HIST 320: History of Modern Europe

HIST 449: U.S. Gilded Age, 1877-1901

HIST 455: U.S. Civil War & Reconstruction Era

HIST 461: The Rural South

HIST 468: History of Rural America

HIST 488: American Stuff, Colonial Times to the Present


AMD 165: Dress & Diversity in Society

AMD 257: Museum Studies

AMD 354: History of European & North American Dress

AMD 356: History of 20th Century Fashion

AMD 204: Textile Science

AMD 362: Cultural Perspectives of Dress


ANTHR 308: Archaeology


ARCH 321: History of the American City


ARTID 250: Fundamentals of Interior Design


COM S 113: Introduction to Spreadsheets & Databases


CRP 475: Grant Writing


ENGL 309: Proposal & Report Writing


MGMT 410: Social Entrepreneurship


PR 220: Principles of Public Relations

PR 305: Publicity Methods


RELIG 205: Introduction to World Religions

RELIG 242: History of Christianity: Beginnings to the Reformation

RELIG 243: History of Christianity: The Reformation to the Present

RELIG 328: Native American Religions

RELIG 334: Africana Religions

RELIG 339: Goddess Religions

RELIG 352: Religions of India


THTRE 255: Introduction to Theatrical Production

THTRE 360: Stagecraft


ART H 280: History of Art I

ART H 281: History of Art II

ART H 292: Introduction to Visual Culture Studies

ART H 293: Origins & Evolution of Modern Design

ART H 382: Art & Architecture of Asia

ART H 481: Art & Architecture of India

ART H 486: Art History Field Study

ART H 487: Nineteenth-Century Art

ART H 494: Women/Gender in Art

ART H 497: Museum/Gallery Internship


CLST 275: The Ancient City

CLST 304: Cultural Heritage of the Ancient World

CLST 376: Classical Archaeology

CLST 376A: Classical Archeology: Bronze Age & Early Iron Age Greece

CLST 376B: Classical Archeology: Archaic through Hellenistic Greece

CLST 376C: Classical Archaeology: Roman Archaeology

CLST 383: Greek & Roman Art

CLST 394: The Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction