In the age of the "gig economy," of a post-career working environment, of contract labor and perpetual uncertainty, History helps you frame questions, find answers, and navigate a changing world. The study of History helps you develop the skills to understand and thrive in this new future. We will help you to write and argue clearly, to understand your world, to think chronologically, and to analyze and interpret past and present using primary and secondary sources. Prepare for the shifting sands of the future by studying the past at Iowa State University. Let your ISU Adventure begin!

Undergraduate Study

The History Department offers curricula leading to either a B.A. or a B.S. degree in History. Want to be a teacher? You can earn a secondary-education endorsement at Iowa State. Learn more, learn better.

Graduate Study

Graduate program options include a Master of Arts degree (MA) in history and a Ph.D. in Rural, Agricultural, Technological, and Environmental History. Learn more


Teaching About White Nationalism: History Professor Offers Guidance
Dr. Ellyn Bartges, ’85, Recognized as Our Distinguished Alumna
ISU Thesis Named Outstanding Work in Iowa History
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About the Department of History

The History Department at Iowa State University was established as a separate department in 1969, having been for many decades before that time a part of the joint Department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy. Since 1969, the Department has continued to offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees over a variety of national, chronological, and specialized areas of historical study. It is possible for undergraduate students to both major and minor in History, and for graduate students to seek the MA and the PhD degrees.

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