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“History is a body of knowledge. More importantly, it’s also a way of producing knowledge, a way of looking at the world. Historians possess habits of mind that employers require. The historian in the room will ask good questions, demand better evidence, consider multiple perspectives, and make strong arguments. S/he will also remain curious, flexible, open-minded, and self-motivated. When presented with a problem, the historian won’t panic but will rather think through the dilemma and, perhaps, develop a creative solution.” –

Tim Herbert, University of Illinois at Chicago.

For historians entering the job market, there’s a host of resources available to assist your career search. Whether entering academia or not, finding a job takes planning, organization, and knowledge of where employer’s post their openings. This page is dedicated to aggregating career diversity and professionalization resources for historians to build themselves into the best candidates possible. Included here are lists of on campus resources, job-search websites, articles discussing professionalization, and guides to the job market.

This page will be constantly edited as new resources become available. If you have a resource that would fit this page, please forward it to Colton Adkisson (

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