What can I do with a History degree?

What can I do with a History degree?

Not knowing the answer to this question keeps more people from studying history than anything else.  Everyone wants to be marketable and find a job when they graduate from college.  So what’s the answer?

The possibilities are endless.  Really.

But you must understand that a getting a degree in history isn’t “job training.”  Studying history is not a professional program, it’s an education.  The education you get as a history major has its roots in the Classical education, centered around the Seven Liberal Arts, that developed in medieval universities.

Today, we have a lot more than seven subjects, but the effect is the same:  History offers you an education that develops your thinking, communication, and problem solving skills. The diverse training

of a Liberal Arts education teaches you to view problems from a variety of perspectives and gives you the tools to determine the best way to solve each problem. This is a valuable skill, but whether you use it in education, law, government, business, the military, or any of a number of other careers is up to you.

We provide the education, you decide how you want to take on the world.

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The Iowa State University Career Services Office has a number of ideas on what you can do with a degree in History.

But don’t take the History Department or ISU’s word for it.  Lots of other experts have put a great deal of time and thought into this question.  See the links below for much more information …

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