Jeff Bremer

Iowa History, Agricultural & Rural History, Early American Republic, History Education


Office:621 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA


I teach classes on the early American republic, Iowa history, and social studies methods. A former history teacher from California, I help coordinate ISU's history and social studies education program. In 2024 I will teach U.S. business history for the first time. In 2019 I was a Fulbright Scholar at Northeast Normal University in China.

My first book, A Store Almost in Sight: The Economic Transformation of Missouri from the Louisiana Purchase to the Civil War, was published in 2014. The University Press of Kansas will publish A New History of Iowa in the fall of 2023, a comprehensive survey of the state's history from the last ice age until the end of 2020. I have also published articles in Annals of Iowa, Kansas History, Agricultural History, Middle West Review, and contributed chapters to edited collections on the Midwest. My next book will be A Short History of Des Moines for Indiana University Press's "Heartland History" series. It will be the first survey of the city's history since the 1940s.

Bibliography for A New History of Iowa.