Maria Howe




Dissertation Title: "Managing the Missouri: Federal Water Projects, the Landscape, and the Law in the 20th Century"

Co-Chairs: Dr. Pamela Riney-Kehrberg and Dr. Julie Courtwright

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2019

Area of Research Specialization: 20th century U.S. history; environmental and agricultural history; cultural history of the American West and Mid-West; development of environmental expertise and natural resources law.

Conference Presentations:

Organization of American Historians, New Orleans, LA (April 2017)
Panel: Midwestern River History: Circulating Ideas for Regional Economic Development;

Western History Conference, St. Paul, Minnesota (October 2016)
Panel: The Wet West: Midwestern Water History
Panel: From French Voyageurs to the Farm Crisis: New Research on the Midwest Roundtable

Agricultural History Conference, Lexington, Kentucky (June 2015)
Panel: Intersections of Gender and Labor in Rural America

Workshop on the History of Environment, Agriculture, Technology & Science (WHEATS), Lawrence, Kansas (February 2014)

Agricultural History Conference, Banff, Alberta (June 2013)
Panel: A River Runs Through It: Using Water to Fulfill the American Dream

Northern Great Plains History Conference, Fargo, North Dakota (September 2012)
Panel: From the River and Plains: Midwestern Agriculture


MA, Iowa State University, 2012
JD, University of Denver Sturm College of Law, 2008
BA & BS, Regis University, 2005

Selected Publications

Review of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth: An Urban History (2011 documentary) directed by Chad Freidrichs, in Middle West Review (Spring 2017).

Review of The Steamboat Bertrand and Missouri River Commerce by Ronald R. Schwitzer in Annals of Iowa, Vol. 74, No. 1 (Winter 2015).

“Archuleta v. Gomez: Adverse Possession of Water,” U. of Denver Water Law Rev., Vol. 10, Issue 1, (Fall 2006), case note). Cited favorably by the Colorado Supreme Court in Archuleta v. Gomez, 200 P.3d 333, 340 (2009).

“Determining Water Quality Standards on Tribal Reservations: A Cooperative Approach to Addressing Water Quality Under the Clean Water Act,” University of Denver Water Law Review, Vol. 11, Issue 2 (Spring 2008).

Conference Report, co-authored with Amy Beard and Paul Tigan, on “26th Annual Water Law Conference: Twenty-First Century Water Supply, Use and Distribution: Do the Old Rules Still Apply?”, University of Denver Water Law Review, Vol. 11, Issue 2 (Spring 2008).

“Federal ‘Non-Reserved’ Water Rights: Great Sand Dunes Nat’l Park Application For Absolute Groundwater Rights,” University of Denver Water Law Review, Vol. 10, Issue 2 (Spring 2007), case note.

“Claiming the ‘Frontier’s River’: Regional Divides and the Failure of the Missouri Valley Authority, 1934-1954” in Jon K. Lauck, ed., In Search of the Interior Borderlands (Sioux Falls: The Center for Western Studies, forthcoming).