Dirk Ringgenberg

Teaching Assistant


Office:504 Hillcrest St
Lansing KS


Dissertation: The Creation, Implementation and Impact of Radio Command and Control Systems in the US Army Corps and below in the European Theater of Operation during the Second World War.
Major professor: Dr. Timothy L. Wolters
Expected Date of Graduation: Spring 2022
Area of Research Specialization: Technology History, Military History, American History

Conference Presentations

12 April 2017 – Iowa State University Graduate and Professional Research Conference: “The Conduct and Implementation of Selective Service in Rural Iowa.” 2016 Iowa History Camp – “The Battle of Bulac Kalay.”


12 April 2017, HIST 361 / HIST 222: 1979 to Present, Warfare in Afghanistan

Previous Experience

US Army Major (Retired), Inventor, Consultant
Instructor, Department of Tactics at the United States Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (2 years)
Instructor/Advisor, 1st Brigade, United Arab Emirates Army, Dubai, U.A.E. (2 years)
Infantry Officer (24 years) – Awarded the Silver Star for Gallantry and Bronze Star for Valor, received both as a Paratrooper Company Commander during intense fighting in Afghanistan 2005.
Four combat tours (Gulf War 1991, Iraq 2003, Afghanistan 2005, Iraq 2010)

BA in History from Columbus State University 2000
MMAS from the US Army Command and General Staff College 2008

Selected Publications

“The Battle of Bulac Kalay,” Army History Magazine, 71. (Fall 2008)

“Firing First – Developing and Sustaining Tactical Victories in Afghanistan” Center For Army Lessons Learned No. 07-18 1QFY07 Oct-Dec

“Adhesion Warfare: Us Army Combat Forces Face an Enemy Who is Capable of Negating their Doctrinal Stand-Off Firepower Advantage in Afghanistan, with Deadly Consequences,” BiblioScholar Sep 2012