Alumni Career Pathways

All history is storytelling. From the narratives written to the relationships uncovered, historians put into prose the tangible events of our past. Just like the historical eras, people, or events that make up most academic pursuits, historians themselves have stories. In these stories are buried important lessons that guide future scholars through the mentally rigorous and physically stressing processes of obtaining a degree. The unique experiences of individual scholars, in earning their degrees and finding employment, provides a wealth of anecdotal understanding of how to find success in today’s job market. This page is dedicated to chronicling the experiences of ISU history alumni, both during their years working toward their degrees and their lives post-graduation. Each entry will seek to trace the resources, tools, databases, and methods that helped our alumni navigate academia and beyond.

Every historian’s story provides a different perspective on how to use a Doctoral or Masters degree to find successful careers. Using these alumni stories, current students can envision their own career pathways, understand the necessary skills, how to build those skills, and how to function in a competitive job market. This page combined with the resources page provides the necessary information for students to design their own career goals and to plan for their future, academic or otherwise.

This page will be frequently updated, so check back regularly to see new alumni stories! If you would like to get into contact with one of the Alumni, please email Colton Adkisson (