WebEx and Canvas tools and user guides.

Since the university is moving to work from home until further notice, I will strive to support everyone to make this a success.  Below you will find requirements, recommendations of what you can be working on, and links to information about software you will be having questions on over the next few weeks.


IF YOU WANT TO COME TO ROSS TO WORK ON SOMETHING:  This is permissible if we practice extreme social distancing.  If you want to come in and work on some computers in Ross Hall, please email me or call me dhemken@iastate.edu or 515-294-8781 to set up an appointment prior to doing so.  


Our main support over the next few weeks will be online coursework.  Please familiarize yourself with WebEx.  I’d like to see you develop some “how to” sessions on using various aspects of the software for our faculty, staff, and graduate students.  We could then offer a WebEx meeting for our faculty interested to join, listen to what you have to share, and ask us questions.  I’ve been sending out a lot of ‘how to’ links to our faculty, but not all of them are going to take the time to learn from those.  Research for other sites that I haven’t listed below for using WebEx, Canvas Studio, Camtasia, Zoom, and Skype for classroom instruction.  Send any links you find or guides you create yourself with me so that I can disseminate them to our instructors.


Links from Iowa State ITS:


Some additional videos on how to use WebEx:

Additional How-To resources:

Information for Online Meetings


Remote Computing

Quick Start-Webex Meetings

Step By Step Studio installation and Usage

Webex Essentials Guide downloaded from Webex



  • Geoff Sauer mentioned that he recommends you adjust your settings to mute the sound of students joining/leaving your meeting.  Not doing so can cause disruptive noise when students have connection problems during synchronous use.  In Modern View, go to Preferences, select Audio and Video, and from the Entry and exit tone drop-down list, select No Tone.  If you schedule a meeting with the Quick Schedule, click Change audio conference and select No Tone.
  • Remember that the university is encouraging Asynchronous videos whenever feasible.  Record videos, have students watch them, then engage with the students through Canvas messaging.


For those planning to make use of Canvas Studio, I was looking for resources and wanted to share this site that I found that talks a lot about using Canvas Studio, recording videos and sharing them with classes.





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