History from the Inside

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History from the Inside

The ISU Department of History, in cooperation with Ames Public Library, hosts a monthly “Your Historians” series every Spring. History faculty and students illustrate how we conduct our research, drawing back the curtain on the practice of history.

The remaining talks for this, our third season, are:

  • Tuesday, 18 Feb          “Carrie Chapman Catt and the Nineteenth Amendment”
    Crystal  Brandenburgh
  • Tuesday, 24 March     “Imperial Mecca: Ottoman Arabia and the Indian Ocean Hajj”
    Christopher Low
  • Monday, 20 April        “‘It Must All Be Recorded’: The Holocaust and How We Know It”
    Jeremy Best
  • Wednesday, 6 May     “‘Blows like H—l’”: The Windy Plains of the West”
    Julie Courtwright

Each talk begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Farwell T. Brown Auditorium on the first floor of the Ames Public Library, 515 Douglas Ave., Ames.

We invite you to attend, to ask questions, to share the refreshments served, and to learn more about History@ISU.