Department of History: Updated Instructor Office Hours

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The Department of History has published updated instructor office hours.

NameTitleOffice Hours
Adeleke, TundeProfessor and Director, AAASTues/Thurs 8-9:20 and by appointment
Andrews, JamesUniversity ProfessorWed 3-4:30 and by appointment
Bailey, MichaelProfessor and DOGEMon/Wed, 1:30-3:00 and by appointment
Behnken, BrianAssociate Professor and DUSTBy appointment only:
Best, JeremyAssistant ProfessorMon/Wed 2:00-3:00 and by appointment
Bix, AmyProfessorBy appointment only:
Bremer, JeffAssociate Professor and Co-coordinator, Teacher Preparation ProgramMon/Wed 1:00-2:00 and by appointment
Cordery, SimonProfessor and ChairBy appointment only:
Courtwright, JulieAssociate ProfessorMon/Wed 1:00-2:00 and by appointment
Griffiths, PaulProfessorTues/Thurs 1:00-2:00 and by appointment
Hernandez, BonarAssistant ProfessorTues/Thurs 11-12 and by appointment
Hill, KevinUndergraduate Advisor and Associate Teaching ProfessorMon/Tues/Wed 8-10 and by appointment
Hilliard, KathleenAssociate ProfessorTues/Thurs 11:00-12:00
Hollander, DavidAssociate ProfessorTues 2:10-3:50 and by appointment
Kehrberg, RichardAssistant Teaching ProfessorTues 11:15-12:15/Wed 2:15-3:15 and appointment
Low, M. ChristopherAssistant ProfessorWed 9:30-11 and by appointment
McDonnell, Lawrence Assistant ProfessorTues/Thurs 11:00-11:50 and by appointment
Monroe, JohnAssociate ProfessorWed 1:00-3:00 and by appointment
Rutenberg, AmyAssistant Professor and Co-coordinator, Teacher Preparation ProgramTues/Thurs 2:15-3:15 and by appointment
Wang, TaoAssistant ProfessorTues/Thurs 11:00-12:00 and by appointment
Wolters, TimothyAssociate ProfessorMon 1:10-3:00 and by appointment