Grace Tomasi


527 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


I am a R.A.T.E student on the Ph.D track here at Iowa State, with an emphasis on Environment. Currently, I am working on my Master’s Thesis, which focuses on land and forest management of the Northwoods/Upper Great Lakes Region of the United States as well as Ojibwe ethnohistory. My interest in these particular environments stems from my childhood, having been raised in northern Wisconsin with a family of hunters, fishermen, and recreational users of the lakes and rivers of the Northwoods. In my adult years, I started exploring some of the indigenous communities which surrounded me growing up, and their direct and indirect historical responses to a changing landscape, waterscape, and climate, and vice versa.

My primary goal with my research is to utilize and emphasize indigenous voices to fully narrate the intersection between humans, non-humans, and their environment.

Major professor: Dr. Julie Courtwright

Expected MA defense date: Summer 2021

Areas of interest: Great Lakes, Northwoods, Environment, Agriculture, Land management, Ojibwe/Chippewa ethnohistory